Montgomery College Dual ENrollment

DEPAMs. Evan Anderson

Montgomery College Dual Enrollment steps for Registration:

  1. The first step is to apply to MC online as a Dual Enrollment applicant.
  2. A week or two after applying, an acceptance email will be sent with a student's MC M#. Once a student has this number, the next step is to create a account (instructions below).
  3. Once a account is created, students need to complete the online Orientation (in the portal).
  4. If you have SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer scores, forward those to the Coordinator at MC for processing using your established MC student email account (
  5. If you do not have test scores, students are be eligible to enroll in any course based on the assessment levels of ENG101+011 and MATH117/120 (you will see these assessment levels listed in pre-requisites in a courses description in the MC course catalog).
  6. Courses available for high school students can be reviewed in the account. Many students choose to take a general education requirement course. Please also review the course list (below) that do not require placement testing.
  7. After students choose a class or classes to register for, they will need to complete the Dual refusal form and return it to (see below). A bit more info about this form:
    1. Students need to determine if they want college credit only or dual credit (both HS and college credit)
    2. If Dual Credit is preferred, complete Part 1 and only initial all the way at the bottom of the form 
    3. If only College Credit is preferred, complete Part 1, 2, and 3 and sign and date (both parent and student).

Dual Enrollment Registration Steps/Documents

Important Links

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