College and Career Credit Opportunities at Montgomery College


Earning Dual (High School & College) Credit versus Diploma & Degree Options  

Montgomery College has re-organized the various programs available to high school students to two areas: 

  1. College and Career Credit Opportunities 
  2. Diploma+Degree Opportunities. College and Career Credit Opportunities is what we know as Dual Enrollment, where students select a few MC courses that met their interest. The student earn college credits with the opportunity to earn high school credits with these college courses. You will see in the PP presentation a chart called Jump Start to College Pathways, that shows how students can earn up to 30 college credits in their junior and senior years. On the other hand, the Diploma + Degree Opportunities includes Early College, Middle College, and P-TECH. These programs are aimed to have students work towards a two-year college degree in the last two years of high school. These students would graduate from high school with an associate degree at the same time. These degree programs may have higher admissions standards (such as calculus placement), depending on the program they wish to participate.
  3. Students who are interested in doing Dual Enrollment/Jump Start/credit opportunities should continue to work with Dual Enrollment program. Dual Enrollment is really flexible and can meet student's individual interest.
  4. Students who wish to participate in the Early College program should contact Ms. Amy Crawley. This year's application process has closed but MCPS will send out invitation letters to the 10 th  graders next year when the application process is opened. You can find the video recap of the information session as well as Ms. Crawley's contact here:

Dual Enrollment Registration Steps/Documents

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