Resource Teacher: Mr. Grant Goldstein
Department Phone: 240-740-6154


The Richard Montgomery High School English department is committed to providing all students with language and literature instruction that will improve their critical thinking, reading, writing, speaking, viewing and listening skills. English teachers promote and encourage engagement with a variety of texts from multiple perspectives in order to refine every student's literacy and language skills. 


We want our student to: 

  • love reading 
  • use their imaginations 
  • follow their curiosity 
  • develop their own voices 
  • write clearly and persuasively 
  • support their claims with strong evidence
  • recognize the power of language 
  • listen critically, think logically, speak eloquently 
  • question and challenge the status quo 
  • find and see themselves in what they read 
  • be engaged, empathetic, globally-minded citizens

English Department Staff

Staff email addresses can be found in the Staff Directory.


Grant Goldstein

Resource Teacher

IB Language and Literature


Agnew, Jim James Agnew

English 12 Honors

English 9 Honors

Arenas, Michael Michael Arenas

IB Film 1 & 2

English 9 Honors

Scott Bayer
Browne, Margaretta Margretta Browne

English 12 Honors

English 10 Honors 


Clarkson, Molly Molly Clarkson

MYP Coordinator

English 9 Honors

Dumas, David

David Dumas
AP Language & Composition

English 11 Honors
English 9 Honors

Fine, Marcy

Marcy Fine
English 10 Honors

English 12 Honors

Powell Quote Katherine Fliakas

IB Literature 12

English 9 Honors

Greenspon, Carolyn

Carolyn Greenspon
English 9 Honors 
English 10 Honors

Halloran, Stephanie

Stephanie Halloran

AP Language & Composition

RMS English 9


Hashem-Liles, Sara

Sara Hashem-Liles

IB Theater 1 & 2

Theater 1 & 2

English 9 Honors
Kidd, Jennifer Jennifer Kidd


English 10 Honors


Koenig, Jeremy Jeremy Koenig

IB Theory of Knowledge 2

RMS English 10

English 9 Honors
Leckie, Susan Susan Leckie

IB English 11

English 10 Honors 

McDonald-Nestor, Brandy Brandy McDonald-Nestor

IB Language & Literature

English 11 Honors

Mclain, Miranda Miranda McLain

English 10 Honors

English 11 Honors
Oakes, Michael Michael Oakes

AP Support

RMS English 10
Peyer, Bonnie

Bonnie Peyer

IB Literature 12

IB Theory of Knowledge 1

Smith, Davina Davina Smith

AP Literature & Composition

English 12 Honors

Wokas, Jessica Jessica Wokas

AP Language & Composition

English 12 Honrs

  Special Educators in English

Teresa Boyd 

English 9 & 11 Honors

Jackie Cular

English 9 & 12 Honors

Uribe-Ramos, Brianna

Brianna Uribe-Ramos

SESES English 9 - 12

  Composition Assistants

Mary Ellen Murphy

Kristen Romm
Jack Smith