For more detailed information regarding the RMHS Athletics Department, please go to

Athletic Director: Jon Freda
Twitter: @RMRocketsAD

Athletics Phone: 240-740-6150 

Athletics Fax: 301-279-8428

Assistant Athletic Directors:

Tavares Cooper, Jamaal Schools & Brian Sims 


Information about Tryouts

Please visit the MCPS Athletics Main Page for updates regarding Athletics, COVID-19 and Registration:

MCPS Athletics Registration 

Fall Virtual Athletics Registration can be done at the following link: A physical is still required for all virtual student athletes. The Athletic Specialist (formerly Athletic Director) can recover physicals on file from last year. A family should contact Mr. Freda by email if a student athlete already had a one on file, it’s current, and he will confirm it. ( If one is not on file, families will need to upload a new physical at the above link.

Please email coaches for team specific questions regarding tryouts. Emails can be found at the following link: 2020-2021 Coaching Staff

More Athletics Information

Message from MCPS Athletics – Hazing

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RM Athletic Hall of Fame   

Mike Curtis awards RM a Super Bowl 50 Golden Football. See the video below:

Athletic Forms:

All REQUIRED forms can be accessed and filled out on the MCPS Athletics page:

Students must complete and submit the following forms prior to participating in practices or tryouts. 

  • New for Summer 2020 - Student-Parent Participation Information, Contract and Permission Form  (for High School) - This form should be used if student-athletes will participate in optional virtual conditioning, during phase 1 of return to play.
  • New for Summer 2020 -  Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form (MCPS Form SR-8 with new MPSSAA COVID-19 supplemental questions) - The Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form is valid for one year (for high school athletes) and two years (for middle school athletes) from the date of the exam, and covers participation for all sports within that time period. Students submit only the last page to the school/coach (Clearance Form). Schools keep the forms on file.  A partial list of Clinics that offer Sports Physicals within the Montgomery County area is available online.
  • Medical Card for Athletes (MCPS Form 560-30) -This form must be submitted for each sport in which the student wishes to participate.
  • Student-Parent Participation Contract and Parent Permission Form (for High School) - The form includes information that student-athletes and parents are required to review, including reference to the Health/Safety section of the MCPS Athletics website. This form must be submitted for each sport in which the student wishes to participate.

Academic Eligibility - (PDF )

Academic Eligibility - 2.0 GPA or higher, with only one "E" (incoming freshman have no minimum GPA required for participation)

Transportation Permission Form - (PDF )  

Transportation Permission Form must be completed (bring to try-outs)

Consent Form ImPact Baseline Concussion Testing - All student-athletes must undergo baseline testing at least once every two years. This form is required for taking a baseline test.

MSDE Concussion Awareness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Parent/Student-Athlete Acknowledgement Statement -  This form indicates that the parent and student-athlete have received information regarding concussions and sudden cardiac arrest.

MSDE Pre-participation Head Injury/Concussion Reporting Form for Extracurricular Activities - This form indicates whether the student has previously suffered a concussion.