Student Support Room

SSR Staff

Mission Statement: 

To provide a safe environment, giving students time to re-group, problem-solve conflicts and practice coping skills to increase their time in class. 

The Student Support Room is an alternative classroom for students who have earned a Critical Incident.  Students report to the room after completing a reflection sheet and then are expected to complete the work for the class that they are missing with the support of a Paraeducator.   The room may also be used for a variety of other reasons described below.


Below is a list of calming/coping strategies we offer in SSR:


Calming Strategies

Resolution Sheet


Stress Ball

Coloring Sheets

Breathing Exercises

Drawing paper

Writing paper

Talk to staff

Put head down and rest


Take a Walk or Run

Throw a weighted ball

Bubble Wrap

Virtual Reality headsets for mindfulness (may access with signed permission slip)


In addition we are implementing Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills and resources offered in conjunction with the therapists, that can offer self-soothing using the six senses: 


Listen to music

Shuffle cards

Play solitaire

Make origami

Rubik’s game

Fidget toys

Put on lotion

Essential oils

Weighted blankets

Weighted stuffed animals

Blow bubbles


Below is the list of rooms we can utilize and offer to students in need of a calming location:


Quiet Room 

Sun Room

Zen Den

Tension Reduction Room

Weight Room


Forest Room

Sensory Room

Outside field

ZenDen ForestRoom

 SensoryRoom2 TensionReduction1