Eighth Grade Interdisciplinary Team

Team Leaders

Eighth Grade Teachers

  • Arts:  Ms. Sharon Krome (Visual Arts), Ms. Natalia Barber (Awareness of Languages & Cultures), Ms. Megan Fitzharris (Performance Theater), Ms. Deborah Romano (Dance Yoga), Ms. Chrissy Gecoma (Theater), Mr. Walter Geddes (Technology), Mr. Andrew Finch (IED)
  • English:  Ms. Sara Black, Ms. Laura Huber, Ms. Diana Pham, Ms. Vanette Voundy-Harper
  • EML: Ms. Jena Mejia
  • World Languages: Khadija Abdelkader (French), Ms. Elizabeth Blauser (Spanish), Ms. Gabby Selva (Spanish)
  • Mathematics: Ms. Amy Floyd, Mrs. Tonia Riggs, Ms. Sara Black, Ms. Jess Watkins  
  • Music: Mrs. Mary Lee Young (Instrumental) & Ms. Megan Fitzharris (Chorus)
  • Physical Education & Health: Mr. Brian Graziano, Mr. Andrew Hirshorn, Mrs. Amy McCarthy, Ms. Traci Press
  • Reading: Mrs. Debbie Romano, Mrs. Sara Black
  • Alt 1: 
  • Science: Ms. Michelle Lugo and Mr. Timothy Williamson 
  • Social Studies: Mrs. Lori Enicks-Kniss & Mr. Walter Geddes
  • Special Education: Mrs. Jen Douville
  • Counselor: Ms. Melissa Finch
  • Administration: Mr. Niper

Team News and Notes