Science Links

6th Grade 

Unit 1: Sudden Impact  Unit 2: Butterfly Habitat 
 Forces and Energy   Introducing the Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly 
 Interactive Simulations - The Maze   Baltimore Checkerspot Restoration Project 
 Interactive Simulations - Energy Skate Park   Learn About Butterflies 
 Interactive Simulations - The Ramp   Natural Perspective - The Plant Kingdom 
 Interactive Simulations - The Moving Man   Nitrogen Cycle 
Inventor's Toolbox - Simple Machines   Habitat Restoration for the Checkerspot Butterfly 
Understanding Simple Machines   Butterfly Bushes - The Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly 
Simple and Complex Machines - Lab Activities   Enemies of Butterflies 
Sudden Impact Bumper Design Research Sites   
Unit 3: Going Green  Unit 4: Alternative Energy 

 IS6 Going Green Resources- This document contains a large list of links for the Going Green project.              

 How a Power Grid System Works 
 CNN Article - Ocean Fertilization Yields Hope   How Power Grids Work 
 Detecting Bias in the Media   Preventing Blackouts: Building a Better Power Grid 
 Green Construction - Buyer Beware   How Compasses Work 
 Video: After the Storm   How Magnets Work 
Getting Into the Fossil Record   How Solar Winds Affect Earth 
 Nature and Animal Conservation   Solar Winds and Satellites 
 Hydroelectricity   How Electromagnets Work 
  Electric Motors 
   Inside an Electric Motor 
   How We See Color 
   Energy Summit Research Links- This file contains a long list of sites that will be useful for your project                
   Energy Kids 
   Solar Power in California 
  Concentrating Solar Power 


7th Grade

Unit 1: Hydroponics  Unit 2: Chemistry of Life 
 Plants and their Structure   US Dept of Agriculture Food Pyramid 
 Plant Anatomy   Make Your Calories Count 
 Mitosis Simulation   Get the Most out of What You Put In 
 Mitosis Animation with Narration   Protein 
 Animal Cell Mitosis   Fats 
Chem4Kids   Minerals 
 Life's Little Essential: Liquid Water   Vitamins 
 Passive and Active Transport Animations   Carbohydrates 
 Diffusion Animation   What Does 200 Calories Look Like? 
 Osmosis Animation   Healthy Benefits of Dairy 
 Temperature and Molecular Motion   Tips for Making Wise Choices 
 Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions   What Foods are in the Dairy Group 
Hydroponics Internet Resources - This file contains a list a websites that will be helpful in your research.  Getting Muscles                                                                                      
  Kids Health - Diseases and Conditions  
   Virtual Frog Dissection 
   How the Body Works 
   Your Kidneys and How They Work 
Unit 3: Genetics   Unit 4: Forensics 
 Mitosis Vs. Meiosis Animation  Mystery Net 
 Animal Cell Mitosis  NPR: Bacteria on your Fingertips Can Identify You 
 Animal Cell Meiosis  CSI: Web Adventures 
DNA Extraction Virtual Lab  Science Spot: Forensic Science 
Genetic Science Learning Center   About Salmonella 
 Genetics Education Center  FDA: Salmonella Facts 
 Harvest of Fear - Growing Genetically Modified Foods  Paper Chromatography 
Mayo Clinic - Infectious Disease  Wikipedia Article: Paper Chromatography 
  Microarrays Factsheet 
  Microarray Virtual Lab 
  Microarray Animation 
  FDA Archive of Recalls 


8th Grade


Unit 1: Solar Energy and Fluid Circulation  Unit 2: Astronomy 
Geothermal Heathing and Cooling  Planet Quest 
Video: Survival Zone- Jungle: Shelter and Fire  NASA's Keplar Mission Website 
Video: Survival Zone- Snow: Shelter and Fire  Washington Post Article: Keplar Spacecraft Discovers Planetary System 
USA Today Weather Page  Washington Post Article: Keplar Craft Discovers Multi-Star System 
NASA's Earth Observatory  NY Times Article- New Planet May be able to to Nurture Organisms 
Storm Videos  If We Had No Moon 
Extreme Storms  What if the Earth Had No Moon? 
Virginia Severe Weather Page  SkyWatchers Homepage 
Human Voltage: What Happens When Humans andLightning Converge?  Heliocentric and Geocentric Models 
Hurricane Huntress  Heliocentric and Geocentric Systems 
Hurricane Researcher  Heliocentric VS Geocentric 
World Weather  Solar and Heliospheric Observatory 
BBC Weather  Our Star the Sun 
NOAA Climate and Weather Data  Tracking a Solar Storm 
Weather Underground  Space Weather Action Center 
Climate Zone   
Day-Night World Map   
Houses Around the World   
Amazing Houses   
More Houses from Around the World   
Unit 3: Restless Earth  Unit 4: Earth Materials and Processes 
Geology of the National Parks  Geologic Map of Montgomery County 
USGS- The Dynamic Earth  Physiographic Map of Maryland 
The Earth at Work  USDA Web Soil Survey 
NPS-Carlsbad Caverns  Mineral Identification 
NPS- Hawaii's Volcanoes  Maryland Geographic Survey - Great Falls Gold District 
NPS- Appaalachian National Scenic Trail   NRCS - Soil Education 
Seafloor Spreading   
Divergent Plate Boundaries   
Transform Plate Boundaries   Unit 5: Earth History and Global Change 
Convergent Plate Boundaries  NASA Article- How is the Global Earth System Changing 
Plate Boundary Map  Online Distance and Length Converter 
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker  Understanding Geologic Time 
Understanding Plate Motions  Mass Extinctions - Interactive Timeline 
Seismic Wave Animations  A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change 
Seismograph Animations  National Climate Data Center 
California Earthquake Data Center  Chesapeake Bay Geology 
Make Your Own Seismogram  Chesapeake Bay - Geologic Product of Rising Sea Level 
Seismic Waves: Moving and Shaking During an Earthquake  Global Warming - Our Nation's Capitol At Risk 
What is an Earthquake?  Chesapeake Bay Losing Ground Due to Rising Sea Level 
Historic World Earthquakes  Washington Summit on Climate Stabilization 
The Restless Planet: Earthquakes  Effects of Global Warming on Birds 
Faultline: Earthquake History and Science  EPS's Climate Change Page 
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory   
Yellowstone Fact Sheet