Abolitionists Project


Subscription Databases  

US History in Context  - USE THIS SITE FIRST!! (It has the best info for this project)  Search for your person and then from the results list, scroll down to the biographies. Most people will have several biographies about them. 

FactCite- On this site, there are three different databases to use: Shapers Of Society, World Biography and American History

EBSCO databases - There are 3 databases on this link to use as well: History Reference Center, MAS Ultra, Student Research Center



Gale Virtual Reference Center - These are electronic books. From the site, scroll down until you see the history books. Scroll through the books to find ones you think are relevant to your research (ex. Biographies of the Civil War, Abolitionist Movement). Once you select the book, you can use the search box to search by name for your person.


Online Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia Britannica

World Book Online