Ancient Egypt Project

For your project, you will need to use at least two different sources.  One of your sources must be a book.  You can use one of the books on the reserved cart in the media center or go to the public library to find a book on your own. 

Reference Sources-Online Encyclopedias:

Encyclopedia Britannica
World Book Online

Online Databases

The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt 


These websites are divided up based on the Wheel of Civilization categories.  Find your section from the wheel and explore the websites within that category. At the bottom of the list are general websites that can be used for multiple categories.

Ancient Egypt:The Mythology 
Gods and Goddesses 
Egyptian Mummies 

Social System

Egyptian Social Structure
Egyptian Social Pyramid 
Women in Ancient Egypt

Weapons in Ancient Egypt 
Military Weapons

Political System 
Ancient Egyptian Government 

Economic System 
Ancient Egyptian Trade 

Human Geographic Characteristics 
Temples, Tombs and Other Ancient Sites 

Science and Technology  
Clocks and Calendars 
Egyptian Medicine

Human Expression  
The Written Language 
The Rosetta Stone  
Egyptian Jewelry 
Ancient Egyptian Art

General Egypt Websites
 The British Museum of Ancient Egypt 
Digital Egypt 
Discovering Ancient Egypt 
Egyptian Odyssey 
 Ancient History Encyclopedia