Language Arts Department

Language Arts Content Specialist

  • Mr. Andrew Finch, Resource Teacher

Reading Teachers

  • Mrs. Veronica Harrison, Reading Teacher
  • Ms. Deborah Romano,  Intensive Reading Program 
  • Ms. Catherine Schmidt, Reading Teacher 

World Languages Teachers

  • Ms. Katia Bore-Falecker, French Teacher 
  • Ms. Maria Garcia, Spanish Teacher
  • Ms. Marley Otero, Spanish Teacher
  • Ms. Brooke Tilley, Spanish Teacher

ESOL Teachers

  • Mr. Andrew Finch,  ESOL Teacher
  • Ms. Susan Pickell,  ESOL Teacher 

Language Arts Department News and Notes

There are changes that will take place in all county ESOL classes for grades 5-12 in the 2020-2021 school year. The informational presentation to explain the upcoming changes will be held on four evenings throughout the county. Parents only need to attend one meeting as each meeting will contain the same information. The video links below provide more information. If you have additional questions please contact Andrew Finch ( or 240-740-0900). - Amharic - Chinese - Spanish  - Korean - French