Advanced High School Information

Students who are entering high school next year have several opportunities within the county to attend special programs. 

Applications for all programs are due by November 4th and testing will take place on December 3rd.  An application fee of $80 covers the cost of administrative fees for the test.  Fee waivers are available.

Poolsville High School  offers a whole school magnet program.  The four programs include global ecology, humanities, independent studies, and science, mathematics and computer science. Students entering this program must be taking Algebra I or Geometry as an 8th grader.  

Richard Montgomery High School offers an International Baccalaureate Program.  Students in 9th and 10th grade are in preparatory classes.  An Open House will be held on October 19th at 6:15 pm. Students must be taking Algebra I or Geometry as an 8th grader and must have at least one year of Spanish, French or Chinese.

MCPS High School Programs