Student Service Learning Deadlines: 

  • January 6, 2023 - last day for students to submit forms for hours completed during the first semester
  • March 20, 2023 - last day to submit SSL hours for the Certificate of Meritorious Service
  • June 2, 2023 - last day for students to submit forms for hours completed during the second semester

This Month's SSL Opportunities

SSL Important Links

What is Student Service Learning?

"Student Service Learning (SSL) involves the active participation of students in thoughtful service. By addressing local and/or global needs students learn about their communities and themselves. SSL is a graduation requirement in the state of Maryland. Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students meet the SSL graduation requirements in connection with non-profit, tax exempt organizations (see exceptions to non-profit tax exempt status in Questions About SSL on the MCPS web site)." 

SSL Information:

  • Learn about the SSL graduation requirement and how to meet it in MCPS by referring to the website:
  • All SSL must be documented on MCPS Form 560-51, Student Service Learning Activity Verification and turned in the school-based SSL coordinator according to timelines.
  • All summer SSL documentation is due to the school-based SSL coordinator no later than the last Friday in September (September 27, 2013).
  • The MCPS SSL plan allows students to earn SSL hours in specific middle and high school courses, in school-sponsored clubs and organizations that have a service focus, and with approved, official nonprofit, tax exempt organizations in the community.  Know the SSL guidelines and follow them!
  • Summer SSL Opportunities must be pre-approved, details are available in the flyer.

Remember that SSL is a graduation requirement…but it is also an opportunity!  Explore careers, learn new skills, expand understanding, and strengthen character.  If you can make a difference… do it!

Contact the SSL coordinator for QOHS

Gaithersburg Student Union

The Student Union is a club for high school students. After school programs, SSL opportunities, field trips, admission to the Robertson Park Youth Center is included with your Student Union Membership!  If you’re not a member, or need to renew, please complete the attached registration form and return it with membership fees to the Activity Center at Bohrer Park 

 Weekly meetings held on Wednesdays during lunch!  

Don’t forget to check your calendar for other after school activities!  These programs AND admission to the Robertson Park Youth Center FREE with your Student Union Membership!  No registration for these activities is necessary (transportation not available).     

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