The Tracks Editorial Policy

Tracks, the Quince Orchard High School student yearbook, attempts to cover the people and events of the school community as fairly, impartially, and accurately as possible. The contents of the publication focuses on coverage that will meet the interests, wants and needs of the majority of the target audience (the students and staff of Quince Orchard High School), as long as those wants and needs are not contradictory to the principles of scholastic journalism. Tracks provides the school's history in pictures and written copy of a particular year. Through emphasis on the skills of journalistic writing, graphic design, photography, and basic principles of business, the production and publication of the yearbook offers an educational opportunity for staff members, while also serving as a form of public relations for the school and community. The yearbook affords staff members the opportunity to assume leadership roles and the responsibility of producing and publishing a journalistically sound yearbook while overseeing a small business. 

The editors, staff members, and advisor reserve the right to select content and determine priorities in both photographs and written material. They never knowingly libel, invade the privacy of, deny the rights of, or ridicule or mock an individual or group. Good taste, common sense, school and community standards, and ethics of responsible journalism are observed. No material that is libelous, irresponsible, and/or advocates illegal activity will be published. No material the editors or the adviser deem to be in poor taste will be printed.

All students and school personnel must have their portraits taken by the official photographer, as contracted by Quince Orchard High School, in order to be included in the book. Senior portraits taken after December 1 may not appear in the book because of deadlines established by the printer. Every attempt will be made by the staff to include all students and staff in the book. Purchase of a yearbook does not guarantee the purchaser's photo will appear in the book.

All business advertising and senior salutation accepted by the staff must follow the same editorial guidelines as mentioned above. Acceptance of advertisements does not constitute endorsement by the yearbook staff, Quince Orchard High School, or MCPS. Because of liability, no encrypted, coded, or abbreviated messages will be printed in senior salutations or advertisements. Such requests will be returned. The yearbook staff does not guarantee the return of photographs; we cannot take responsibility for what might happen during the publishers' printing and shipping process. We strongly recommend that parents, students, and friends submit copies of important photos, and include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of photos.