Quince Orchard Art Department National Art Honor Society

Dear Members:

Welcome to the National Art Honor Society. We'd like to start this year off with more organization so that we can accomplish as much as possible and fulfill our duties as members. The NAHS is not going to be one of those clubs where you can sit back and do nothing. There are several requirements that you must fulfill as a member of the NAHS.

  • Try to attend all meetings. Don't worry - we understand that there will be times when you cannot attend a meeting (you have to take a test, you have another meeting that was scheduled earlier, etc.). Please allow Mr. Lundquist (NAHS sponsor) or Anya Oleynik (NAHS president) know in advance of any meetings that you cannot attend.
  • Create at least one piece of artwork for the Art Auction. We will have a silent art auction this year, were people can come look at the artwork and place their bids. We will keep some of the proceeds form trips/activities, but the rest will be donated to charity.
  • Participate in a project to decorate the school. We will be painting murals above the lockers, bathroom signs, etc. We will most likely work on this throughout the year, holding meetings form time to time after school to work on the mural. You may create some individual pieces in addition, such as signs for bathrooms of hallways.
  • Maintain at least a "B" average in your art classes. If you are in the NAHS you must be serious about art and display that by keeping your grade(s) in you art class(es) up.
  • Be involved. Participate in as many activities as possible, including fundraising and attending events/trips. Being involved also requires that you ask any questions you might have, provide feedback/comments, and suggest any ideas you have. If you don't like something about the NAHS, tell us! Your input is important in helping us make the NAHS everything that it should be.

President - Open
Vice Presidents - Open
Secretary - Open
Treasurer - Open