2020 Senior Class and Graduation Information

2020 Graduation Links and Information

The MCPS Virtual Graduation can be seen online, it aired originally on Sunday, June 7th at 6pm and there was a special Spanish Virtual Commencement Celebration on June 20th at 6pm that can be viewed on the MCPSTV en Español YouTube channel.  The QOHS Virtual Graduation is available on the QuinceOrchardTV YouTube page and Mr. Davis' Commencement Speech can be seen online as well.  The program for the QOHS Virtual Graduation is also available online as well as the individual slides of each graduate.  Students, families and friends can also view the Senior Awards Ceremony online on YouTube.  Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!!

Original Information:



Date: Wednesday, May 27th
Time: 2:30PM
Location: D.A.R. Constitution Hall 


Jessica Burdette- Class Sponsor 
Colleen Adams and Jessica Burdette - Graduation Coordinators 
Dr. Lynn Brown - Senior Class Asst. Principal

Reminders from DAR:

  • Watch the Graduation Ceremony LIVE online if you cannot attend in person!
  • The doors to the hall will be closed during the processional and will remain closed until the end of the National Anthem, they are not locked, but guests will not be allowed to enter during that time period to allow the graduates to enter. Please plan to be inside the hall and in your seat by 2:15 pm so that you can enjoy the entire ceremony.
  • DAR Policy includes bag checks at all events.  Please be prepared that they will be checking large bags and backpacks.
  • DAR has partnered with Colonial Parking to offer some deals for graduation parking. Please visit this website to see more information - https://www.ecolonial.com/locations/dar-grad-parking/

Informational Letters and Flyers

  • March 24th - Important Parent Meeting has been Postponed - the Google Slides Presentation contains details about tickets, transportation, requirements will all be discussed
  • Graduation Bus Information - Transportation is NOT provided to DAR Constitution Hall for students or families the day of Graduation, Wednesday, May 27th.  Students are expected to be at the hall by 1:45 pm and guests need to be inside before 2:15 pm.  The PTSA is offering travel from QO to DAR, details are still being finalized.
  • Reserved Parking Options - Colonial Parking offers guaranteed parking reservations for all commencements held at DAR Constitution Hall. Information pending.

Senior Survey - look for more information coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I order Graduation Announcements? Check out www.balfour.com for order announcements and other senior items.
  • Can a senior ride the PTSA bus without another family member?  No, because of regulations and issues with the bus company, all students must be accompanied on the PTSA buses by an adult family member.
  • When and where do I get my cap and gown?  Caps and Gowns will be available for pick-up in May, the same days as Culminating Activities at lunch in the SGA office, only to students who have cleared all obligations, completed their SSL hour requirements, and completed the senior surveys.
  • When and where do I get my Graduation Announcements that I ordered?  Announcements will be made once these have come in.
  • Does my college/university need anything else from me or QOHS? Schools will need you to send them your final transcript, to do this you will need to complete the final transcript request form and return it to the registrar’s office by May 22nd with $1 and an addressed stamped envelope.  Final transcript forms are available in the registrar’s office starting May 1st.  When the final transcript is available, it will be mailed to your school.  If you have any questions, please contact the registrar’s office.   



Event or Item and Description

2/13/2020 Student Speaker Meeting - All seniors interested in speaking at Graduation must attend this meeting at lunch in room 128. See Mrs. Adams with questions.
2/25/2020 Student Speaker Applications Due- All students applying to speak at graduation must complete and submit their application to Mrs. Adams
March and April Balfour will be available to take orders for graduation announcements, class rings, and other Class of 2020 merchandise.  You can also order these items by mail or online at www.Balfour.com.  Students received a Balfour packet in their Advisory. 
3/6/2020 Student Speaker Speeches Due - All students applying to speak at graduation must complete and submit their speech to Mrs. Adams
3/24/2020 Senior Parent Meeting - students are welcome to attend, but are not required to attend. This will be about all things graduation. The meeting will be held in the auditorium at 7pm and the presentation will be posted online on 3/25
4/3/2020 SSL Meritorius Service - The deadline for the Certificate of Meritorius Service is April 3rd - 260 SSL hours are required for this award. Please direct any questions about SSL hours to  Ms. Shelhorse, SSL coordinator.
4/20/2020 Deadline for Extra Ticket requests for Graduation. To request extra tickets please complete the online form requesting extra tickets (made available after 3/24) or e-mail Dr. Lynn Brown. Seniors will each receive a set of five (5) tickets at the mandatory graduation rehearsal on May 26th, and we will distribute any remaining tickets equitably among those who request them by the deadline. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the full number of extra tickets you request, but we hope we can give one or two extra tickets to those who request them, you will be notified by Dr. Brown by May 1st in response to your request. 
4/20/2020 Deadline for Handicapped, Disabled, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Seating Vouchers - If you have a guest in need of handicap accessible seating or deaf/hard of hearing special seating, the request must be made through the online form (made available after 3/24) or email to Dr. Lynn Brown.  Vouchers are NOT tickets, each person who needs a voucher will ALSO need a ticket.  Vouchers will be included with tickets when they are distributed, the voucher will allow those guests entrance into the handicapped seating or deaf/hard of hearing seating with ONE person accompanying them, not the entire group.  Voucher requests will be verified via email from Dr. Brown by May 1st.
4/30/2020 Last day checks will be accepted from seniors and their families. ONLY cash will be accepted after this date.
4/30/2020 Senior Fees are due by 4/30/2020. This one-time fee covers everything related to graduation day (including cap & gown, programs, the ceremony, etc). The fee is $65 through January 31st and goes up to $75 on February 1st, checks must be made out to QOHS, and the student's name and ID number must be on check. Turn in the money to Jessica Burdette in Portable 1 or checks may be mailed to school. Senior Fees may also be paid online through the school store. Do not leave money in the school mailbox. Students who have not submitted a senior fee by April 30th, will receive an obligation notice. Obligation notices must be cleared with Ms. Kumeiga in the financial office. ALL obligations must be cleared before graduation rehearsal. No checks from seniors or their families will be accepted after 4/30/20. After that date, only cash will be accepted or online orders.
Deadline to sign up for Graduation Bus sign up. Buses will be provided by the PTSA. Details about this are still being finalized, please check back for more information.
4/30/2020 SSL Hours - SSL paperwork due to Ms. Shelhorse. Please direct any questions about SSL hours to Mrs. Shelhorse, SSL coordinator.
5/1/2020 Extra Tickets/Voucher Fulfillment - By this date Dr. Lynn Brown informs parents that they will receive extra tickets and seating vouchers.
5/2/2020 and 5/3/2020 Prom - Fillmore in Silver Spring
After Prom - Held at QO from 12:30am to 5am
End of May Seniors will be able to pick up their caps and gowns at the end of May, place and time TBA. Seniors must have all obligations cleared, SSL Hours completed, and the senior survey completed in order to receive their cap & gown.
Week of May 18th      Seniors will complete and submit Culminating Activities in ALL Class Periods 
5/21/2020 Awards Ceremony @9:30am – Honoree’s families will be invited by mail, but all families and students are welcome to attend and congratulate all our fine seniors! 
5/21/2020 Sports Awards Night – All athletes and those Seniors receiving Awards are invited, Senior honorees and their families will be notified to attend.  All families and students are welcome to attend and congratulate our fine athletes! 
5/22/2020  Last Day for Seniors!!!  
5/22/2020 Senior End of Year Reports Forms Due back to the Registrar. These forms must be completed and turned in by 5/22/20 for the report to be sent to your college or university. Forms are available before school, at lunch, and after school at the Registrar's Office.  Forms are available for pick-up mid-April.
5/26/2020 Graduation RehearsalALL GRADUATES MUST ATTEND REHEARSAL IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GRADUATION CEREMONY.  This rehearsal begins with a senior breakfast in the front of school at 7:00 am, and will last all morning.  Do not plan for any other event for this important morning.  Dismissal from rehearsal usually occurs at approximately 11:30 am or noon.  It is at this event that seniors will learn the procedures for the ceremony and other important information about the ceremony, receive their tickets for guests to attend graduation, and any final important business. Tickets will NOT be distributed before rehearsal, nor will they be distributed to students who do not attend rehearsal.
5/27/2020 Graduation at DAR Constitution Hall at 2:30 pm – Seniors must be at DAR to line up no later than 1:45 pm