The Pyle Education Foundation:  Staff, parents and administrators working together to make Pyle a better place for your student.  

Did you know that the Pyle Education Foundations provides grants to supply students and staff members with programs and services not covered by the MCPS budget?

Did you also know that the Pyle Education Foundation is solely supported by generous donations from you?

The Pyle Education Foundation raises funds to support needed projects to enrich and extend the education of the Pyle Middle School community. Working with Pyle staff and parent leadership, the Foundation assesses the transformative potential of our combined resources to fund unmet facility, equipment, and program needs. We are a volunteer-run, 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt fundraising organization.

The Board is asking that you consider donating $100 to $150 per child to help fund all the projects the Foundation supports here at Pyle. 

Please DONATE NOW to the Pyle Education Foundation using PayPal or Pay For School Stuff   

  The PEF Grant Program

Every year the PEF awards grants to promote the mission to enhance education at Pyle and other public elementary and secondary education schools within the cluster, including all elementary schools that feed into Pyle and also Walt Whitman High School. The three broad categories for funding programs are: school programs, facility improvements, and community outreach. Grant amounts will be based on need, merit and available resources. PEF accepts grant applications on a rolling basis. The PEF Board will review requests received and notify applicants promptly.  

For more information or to receive an electronic copy of the Grant Request Form, please contact Jennifer Snow. We are now accepting grant proposals for the 2019-2020 school year.


2019-2020 Projects 
  • Orchestral sectional coaches
  • Drop-in IM support
  • SPIRIT/TAG Tutors Leadership Seminar
  • Cardio equipment in the new addition
  • Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program
  • Teacher workshops, professional training and staff development conferences
  • New keyboard for Chorus
  • Choral accompanist
2018-2019 Projects 
  • After school math tutoring
  • After school writing center
  • New equipment for the TV Studio
  • Book Wars competition
  • Bullying seminar
  • Teacher workshops and staff development conferences
  • New benches made of repurposed wood from the "PE Gum Tree"
  • Shakespeare in the Classroom 
 2017-2018 Projects 
  • Aquaponics installation tin the Pyle Courtyard
  • Enhanced Makerspace in the Media Center 
  • After school Algebra support 
  • New Bike Racks 
  • New Video Equipment for the TV Studio 
  • New musical instruments, including professional demonstrations 
  • Teacher workshops and staff development conferences 
  • Shakespeare in the Classroom - including authentic Shakespearean actors to teach workshops 
2016-2018 Projects
  • NEW “Makerspace” program available to all students in the Media Center
  • Aquaponics ecosystem in courtyard 
  • Water bottle filling stations
  • After-school algebra support
  • Outdoor furniture for the courtyard
  • New musical instruments 
  • Teacher workshops and staff development conferences 
  • Mindfulness instruction for teachers
  • Shakespeare in the Classroom where real Shakespearean actors teach workshops
2015-2016 Projects
  • Mindfulness instruction by Minds, Inc. for staff and students
  • Shakespeare in the Classroom
  • Thirty-two new laptops and a portable cart
  • Choral risers
  • Thirty-five new microscopes
  • Fifteen new sewing machines.
  • Drama and Technology training
  • Two teachers to attend Educator's Initiative from North Carolina Outward Bound
  • Three teachers to attend Association of Middle Level Educators conference in  Columbus, Ohio. 
  • Conference attendance for instrumental music teacher 
  • Conference attendance for choral teacher
  • Clinics for both choral and orchestra students
  • Support of TAG mindfulness program
  • Twenty new yoga mats and cart for monthly yoga for students
  • Planners for rising Whitman freshmen 
  • Co-funded Pyle App

Seeking Transformative Ideas to Improve Pyle 

The Pyle Education Foundation funds projects that enhance the greater Pyle community. The Foundation focuses on projects for facilities, equipment and/or programs that have a multi-year impact. In looking to prioritize future fundraising goals, the Board of the Foundation is seeking suggestions for transformative projects for the 2019 - 2020 school year and beyond. Any administrator, teacher, parent or student with suggestions should contact Elena Naum at or any of the PEF Board Members below. We would love to hear from you. 

PEF Board Members (Parent Volunteers) for 2019-2020:

Elena Naum (President), Sara Vogelhut (VP, Fall Fundraising Campaign), Doug Pyle (Treasurer), Jennifer Snow (Grant Administrator), Marysol Cummings (Secretary),  Anthea Higgins and Shannon Buskirk (Spring Cocktail Party), Najiyah Khan (Fall Fundraising Campaign) and Chris Nardi (Principal).