Construction Project Updates

In order to keep parents informed about our renovation and modernization, we will be providing updates as information becomes available.


The information below is provided to update you on the status of planning for our Potomac Elementary renovation and modernization.     

February, 2020:

The rain has delayed some of the site activities but the building is going well. 

 Recent progress;

  • Complete brick veneer south and west side, move to east side
  • Install roof top screen walls
  • Start installing VCT, Tile received this week
  • Install casework areas A/C.  Casework delivered last week
  • Receive permanent power
  • Preliminary start up of mechanical units
  • Continue finish painting
  • Finish ceiling grid
  • Install ceramic tile at kitchen floor
  • Pave west lot
  • Start curb and gutter on south lot/parent drop off
  • Install sod in courtyard and north property line

 January, 2020: 


 Construction Update: Recent progress;   

  • Continued Brick veneer on West/South sides
  • Completed CMU at Trash room area
  • Painted Gym, installed gym equipment (backboards), installed sound panels
  • Installed bulkheads in multipurpose room
  • Continued ceiling grid in corridors and second floor
  • Installed lights, diffusers sprinkler heads in grid installed
  • Piping and connections in Main Mech room
  • Completed mechanical yard perimeter wall
  • Curb and gutter install west lot

December 2019: Roof is done, windows (either permanent or temporary) are in, exterior doors are hung, and we have heat running in the building!

October, 2019 Update: 

 Recent progress:

       -       Area A high roof and Area C mechanical/electrical roofs dried in (water tight but not 100%)

       -       Courtyard veneer complete

       -       Air barrier installation started on north side B

       -       Mechanical Pump room equipment and piping ongoing

       -       Site wall #4 is being constructed

       -      Concrete Slab for storm water management structure #1 has been poured, wall framing ongoing

       -       Second floor steel stud framing - area B is ongoing

       -       MEP rough ins ongoing

       -       Grading for curb and gutter on the north side has started

       -       Gas line was installed

       -       Foundation block installed for dumpster area

        -       Electrical Conduit installed for north side exterior pole lights

April, 2019 Update:  The grading of the stream has been completed and stream channel has been stabilized with Sod. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins have been completed. The concrete slab on grade was poured. All above ground utility work along river road has been relocated and the temporary storm water traps have been installed and inspected . Looking ahead: The crane is mobilized and steel is being erected. The steel decking and roof joist are being installed.  Electrical, Mechanical and plumbing contractors are performing concrete deck rough-ins.  The concrete deck is scheduled to be poured at the end of April. The temporary storm water traps have been installed and inspected which has allowed the contractor to begin the removal of the existing concrete slab on grade. The area will be graded once the concrete debris has been removed. Footings and foundations will begin during the first part of May. The 66" water line material has been fabricated and the replacement work is scheduled to start the second week of April.  WSSC has shut down the 66" water line and are preparing to de-water the line. The site contractor will also install the sanitary and 8" water lines that feed the school. There will be some temporary traffic pattern changes along the front of the school during the 66" water line replacement.  The change in traffic pattern will last until June 2019.

March, 2019 Update:   The bridge abutments and retaining walls inside the stream are complete.  All initial storm water piping and storm structures are also complete. The grading of the stream area continues. Pepco is continuing to work on the transfer of utilities on the new power poles along River Road. Looking ahead, we are scheduled to pour concrete slab on March 15th. The remaining utilities (Verizon, Comcast, county fiber) on the power poles will be transferred to new poles. The crane will be mobilized and set up to start steel erection. The 66" water line replacement work is scheduled to start around the first week of April. There will be some temporary traffic pattern changes along the front of the school during the 66" water line replacement process.

February, 2019 Update:  The site contractor continues to install storm water structures and temporary inlets which will allow the contractor to grade for the stream.  The addition of the stream was a request by Montgomery National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) in lieu of installing storm piping underground. 

1. Bridge abutments over stream (for small pedestrian bridge to access back fields) to begin this week

2. Building - Area B footings and foundations continue.  

3. Building- Underground electric and plumbing rough-ins to start in Area B. 

4. Construction cannot continue on other parts of the building until stream is built and soil stabilized. 

Pepco work on front high power lines continues despite missing dates to complete work.  A main switch has to be replaced and other utilities relocated once high voltage power lines have been relocated.  

 WSSC  will hold pre-construction meeting this week to discuss 66" water line replacement and sewer and water lines for school.  Water line replacement to start in mid to late April 2019 pending any shutdown issues.  

January, 2019 Update: The contractors continue to install erosion and sediment control measures at the school site. On January 14th, part of the existing concrete slab will be removed  and a partial building pad will be established with footings. MCPS continues to work with WSSC on the joint venture to replace the existing 66" water line and with Pepco to relocate power poles to front of the school. Keller, the construction manager, is working with the contractors to mitigate delays due to the Forest Conservation plan details and associated county planning permits. 

December, 2018 Update from the Division of Construction: The Erosion and sediment control permit has been issued. Park and Planning and DPS (Department of Permitting services) will meet to start the initial sediment control measures. There will be Super Silt fence and underground storm piping installed within the next month.  Coordination with WSSC and Pepco, utility poles at the front of the school will be relocated prior to the start of the WSSC work on the 66" water line in December, weather permitting.   The school footings and foundations will start in January. 

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