Social Distancing - MCPS Message March 19, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Slowing the spread of COVID-19 requires everyone to follow the guidance of health officials. An important piece of this effort is social distancing. This means avoiding gathering in groups of more than 10 and keeping a safe distance from others in the group.  We have noticed some students gathering together on our fields and ignoring social distancing guidance. By doing this, they are not only putting themselves at risk but also everyone they interact with after that.

We know our students want to connect with their peers, especially in a time of crisis. Regardless of the intent, social gatherings have the potential to increase the spread of COVID-19. We ask that all members of the community follow the guidance that has been provided by the CDC and federal, state and local health officials.

Please remind your student to do their part and commit to social distancing.  We are all in this together and we must all do our part.

Thank you!

Mark A. Carothers
Poolesville High School