Mr. Carothers Message on Summer Enrichment Camps

Poolesville Students and Communities,

I am excited to announce Poolesville High School will offer students summer learning opportunities in many different content areas.  Teachers have developed unique camps for our students, based on what they know of students' interests and, in some cases, skills review.  Please view the PHS Summer Enrichment Camps Brochure to learn more about the programs being offered.

Each camp is designed to enrich all students’ experiences by immersing them in the content.  Camps will not yield credit and coursework will not be graded; however, teachers will provide feedback and reflection on student work throughout the camp.  Camps are interactive, on-line experiences with no in-person meetings.

Students may register for up to three camps.  We expect our incoming ninth graders who participate in camps to select their magnet house freshman camp as one of their selections.  No student is required to participate in any camp.

Refer to the PHS Summer Camp Schedule  to help you make your selections.  As you are expected to participate during the allotted class time, you cannot sign up for two camps that meet at the same time.   

We may have more students register for camps than we currently have the capacity to host.  In that case, we will do our best to offer additional sections of popular camps so more students can participate.  This may result in offering new sections at different times than are published here now.  You will be notified if there are updates to camp offerings or dates/times.  Conversely, if certain camps do not have enough registration, they will not be able to run.  

Click HERE to register for PHS summer enrichment camps.  Registration will close at midnight on June 30

Please direct any questions about Poolesville High School’s summer camps to Ms. Jennifer Herman ( or Ms. Allison Wilder (   We look forward to seeing students this summer!

Mark A. Carothers
Poolesville High School