The Science, Mathematics, Computer Science students have the opportunity to specialize in a rigorous mathematics and science program focused on problem-solving skills and research. The program is located in Poolesville High School to help promote high-quality, integrated education and to enhance learning opportunities for highly able students from the upper county area. This program offers the opportunity for students to build an extraordinary foundation in all subject areas, better understand their interrelationships, and participate in unique research opportunities.


Kevin Lee, Head of House, Science, Math, and Computer Science

Laura Ackerman, Teacher
Mark Estep, Teacher
Prasad Gerard, Teacher
Keith Gordon, Teacher
Chris Hanson, Teacher
Lindsay Junkins, Teacher
Ishan Khetarpal, Teacher
Zachary Kingman, Teacher
Kevin Lee, Teacher
Melody Morgan, Teacher
Charles Yu, Teacher



Students can choose from a range of courses in the Science, Math, Computer Science House. The following courses must be successfully completed by students who tested into this program to earn a Tested In Science, Math, Computer Science Certificate of Achievement.  (Printable Version)

SMCS Coursework 2019_2020 


Mission Statement

Students in the Science, Math, Computer Science House will develop a high level of skill in the following:

  • Visualizing the interdisciplinary nature of all things
  • Organization and time management
  • Current research and information gathering techniques
  • Experimental design and hypothesis testing
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Oral, written and graphic presentation
  • Integrating current technology into creative problem solving
  • Mathematical abstraction, theory and proof

 Student Success!

Congratulations to Grace Kim, PHS Graduate of 2019, has become a 2023 Marshall Scholar!  Marshall Scholarship article

We would like to recognize Rohin Shah, a senior in SMCS. Rohin's research publication, based on the internship work he did at NIST over this past summer in healthcare interoperability, has been accepted by the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) for presentation at their 2022 Annual Symposium in November. This is a very big honor!!

Maryland Cyber Challenge and Competition (MDC3) Finals Competition Winners!

  • Congratulations to the six members of the team "PHS Falcons" who won the competition - and in doing so receive a $5,000 scholarship from the NSA...each!  Team members include; Anyuan Chu, Jeffrey Falgout, Anirudh Neti, Vineet Padia, Siddharth Singal, and Umesh Padia. These students  have also been invited by the Department of Homeland Security to present at a local conference.
    The purpose of the competition was to promote cyber security education, awareness and cyber careers to students with strong interests in STEM.
  • Poolesville HS senior, Orion Foo, competed at the Montgomery Science Fair the last weekend in March 2022. His project was one of three projects from the fair selected to advance to the 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Orion and two other MCPS high school students will represent Science Montgomery at ISEF in Atlanta, Georgia during the week of May 9th.
  • For much of the first semester the SMCS juniors worked with employees at local non-profit agencies to compete in the IDEATE Engineering Competition 2022 ( The students had the opportunity to work with many wonderful employees with disabilities to help them overcome obstacles they faced in the workplace. Seven student groups worked with OASIS Farms in Gaithersburg to create a variety of projects for the adult volunteers at the farm. The other students worked with agencies all around the DC region. One of the groups, Saatvik Soma, James Xu and Sanjana Konka had their project featured on the WTOP website.