Registrar:Susan Hornburg
Phone: 240.740.2417
Fax: 301.972.7946


New Student Enrollment Information  

Please call Ms. Fedders in the Counseling Department at 240.740.2420 to schedule an enrollment/scheduling appointment.

 The following links will provide students and parents new to Poolesville High School the required documents needed for enrollment:

How to Enroll Your Child in Montgomery County Public Schools: 

  • MCPS Quick Guide to Enrollment 560-24B

New Student Enrollment Forms Required by Poolesville High School:

  • New Student Enrollment 560-24
  • Authorization to Request/Release Student Records 550-2
  • Student Emergency Information 565-1
  • Parent/Child Reunification 236-1
  • Home Language Survey 335-41

Additional Information That May Be Required for Proof of Residency:

  • Shared Housing Disclosure 335-74

Change of Address

If you move please notify the Registrar immediately and provide proof of residency.  Examples of acceptable documents can be found in the MCPS Quick Guide to Enrollment 560-24B

Withdrawing Your Child from School

Please contact your child's counselor and complete this Withdrawal Statement and submit it to the Registrar at least 3 days before the student's last day.

College Application Process 

Please note that these forms are typically updated at the beginning of each school year.

College Application Process Steps

Senior Transcript Release Form

Authorization to Release Records

Student Self Evaluation

 Student Transcript Request Process for Students Who Have Graduated or Withdrawn  

If you graduated or withdrew LESS than five years ago contact Mrs. Hornburg to obtain your transcript (240.740.2417). If you graduated or withdrew MORE than five years ago fill out Student Record Request Form 226-8. Your transcript request must include:

1. Your signature

2. A check or money order for $5, payable to "MCPS"

3. A self-addressed, stamped, business-sized envelope.   

Print it out and sign it. Mail it to: Central Records, Concord Center, 7210 Hidden Creek Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 
Call Central Records:

General Forms for Registrar

Age of Majority  

Underclass Transcript Release Form