Counseling Services


Barbara Martin, Resource Counselor



                                                          Last Name Begins With:
Greg Hand, Counselor                                A - Do
Melissa Nagy, Counselor                            Du - Kim
Barbara Martin, Resource Counselor         Kin - Ma
Ramon Snow, Counselor                            Mc - Sim
Nelly Boishin, Counselor                            Sin - Z
Jason Boteler, Pupil Personnel Worker
Lisa Fedders, Secretary
Susan Hornburg, Registrar - 240.740.2417
• Registrar's Corner Website
Rosalie DeOto, Career Counselor - 240.740.2449
• College and Career Center Website


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Humanities Certificate Checklist

Global Certiciate Checklist

SMCS Certiciate Checklist


School Nominated Scholarships: 

Belk, Jefferson and Park Scholarships:

*Check requirements for scholarship and admission to the college to ensure fit

*Fill out google form and  answer essay questions in a separate document

‚ÄčSend them to Ms. Deoto by September 24, 2021 by noon

College Night Presentation, March 2019 "The College Application: An Insider’s View

Questions with Answers from the audience of The College Application: An Insider's View

Fall 2020 9th grade parent presentation (Updated 10/01/20)  Watch Video Presentation

10th Grade Parents: Understanding PSAT Scores, College Readiness and Using Naviance Student, (Updated 10/19/2020)

Financial Aid Presentation, September 2020 (2020-2021)