James M. (Skip) Etheridge , Security Team Leader


Fabiola Clarke
Security Officer 

Curtiss Belcher
Security Officer



Safety and Security Information (Newtown Incident)  

Montgomery County Public Schools believes that academic achievement and social growth occur when students and staff feel safe. Bullying, harassment, or intimidation interferes with the safe operation of schools and will not be tolerated at Poolesville High School or at any school sponsored activities or events.  MCPS Form 230-35, Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting Form, is available to report any related incidents and may be completed by a student, parent/guardian, close adult relative, or staff member. Once completed, the form should be submitted to the appropriate grade level administrator.  The following link is provided for your convenience to access this form.


Helpful Tips to Parents and Students:

  • Please do not share your locker combination with anyone. Use only the locker that is assigned to you. Sharing a locker is a violation of school rules. All valuables should be stored in your locker when not on your person! 

  • Every PHS student should have a student I.D. card. This I.D. card is to be carried with them at all times while in school, on the bus or at extracurricular activities. Those students who do not have an I.D. card can contact Ms. Hackey in the Media Center to obtain one.  

  •  Please keep serial numbers and receipts for cell phones, calculators and IPod’s in a safe place at home. These come in handy in the event that the device is lost or stolen and later recovered. 

  • All students are encouraged to identify their valuables through “Operation Identification” with security. Operation Identification is a program where students may bring in their calculators, cell phones, I phone or IPod’s to be engraved by security for identification purposes. The engraving is free. 

  • All students who park on school property must obtain a parking permit each semester. The cost of a permit is $37.50 and student drivers must apply through the business office before a permit can be issued. Students found in violation of the parking ordinance will be issued a violation notice.  Parking Permit Application 

  • If you would like to report any information regarding an issue at PHS and would like to remain anonymous, you can call the security office at 240.740.2383 and leave a detailed confidential message or e-mail security at;