School Emergency Information

School Emergency Codes

Shelter in Place - A danger is outside the building in the local area.

  • Activities continue as scheduled inside the building. 
  • Outside doors are locked. 
  • Students are accounted for in all instructional areas. 
  • Gym and recess will be restricted to inside the school building.

Lockdown - A danger is imminent inside the building.

  • Teachers sweep the hallway and secure all classrooms. 
  • Lights are turned off and blinds are drawn. 
  • Activities in the rooms are limited and a quiet appearance is encouraged.

Parent Reunification Plan

Parents are required to show a photo ID when picking up their children.

  1. Parents enter through the outside all purpose room door on right side of the building.
  2. Parents move to the table with student's last name and present a photo ID. 
  3. A staff member verifies authorization to pick up the child with the emergency information on file. 
  4. Parents are given a card with a student name(s) to pick up and moves to call table.
  5. A staff member contacts the main office via walkie talkie and the child is called to the kitchen.
  6. Parents and children meet in the kitchen.  The parent(s) signs the student out on the class list and exits through kitchen door.

Alternate reunification location: Poolesville High School

Parent/child reunification form