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Ms. Joy Morgan 
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Mrs. Eliot Edgar
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Welcome to the Piney Branch Virtual Library.  This page will take you to our online resources:

  • Destiny our online library catalog
  • Piney Branch's Online Resources sheet
  • Other MCPS Online Resources sheets
Visit our Virtual Library Media Center by going to the PBES Media Center on the MyMCPS portal to find past assignments and the online resources listed here.  
Ms. Edgar and Ms. Morgan are glad to welcome you back.  Since we are distance learning our Library Media Center is virtual.  Please email us with any questions you have about Media class or online resources:
Ms. Edgar:
Ms. Morgan:  
Happy Reading!

Search our Catalog

  If you do not see Destiny Discover when you click on Destiny above:  locate Piney Branch Elementary in the list of schools. Go to Discover on the left side menu.
Students should sign in to their MCPS account and use their 6 digit username and password once in Destiny.
Discover includes the Piney Branch ebooks and links to other online resources.

Online Resources

Students should sign in to their MCPS account and use the links below to access online resource username and password sheets.

 Piney Branch Online Resources Username and Password sheet 

More Online Resources English 

More Online Resources Spanish