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 Piney Branch Elementary School, located in Takoma Park, MD and first established in 1971, offers a rigorous academic program to students in grades three through five. Its comprehensive program includes studies in Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and the Arts. Piney Branch ES is part of an articulation pattern that receives students from Takoma Park Elementary School. Piney Branch students articulate on to Takoma Park Middle School and Blair High School, all part of the Downcounty Consortium. 


Piney Branch offers an enriching and memorable experience to students during their intermediate years in elementary school.  Students are held to high standards and their learning opportunities are full and varied including instruction in fully equipped science and computer laboratories. During their three years at Piney Branch Elementary students; 


 ■Compete in STEM related inquiry projects, 

 ■Create multimedia and technology products, 

 ■Participate in a variety of activities including, but not limited to: art presentations, writing presentations, swimming instruction, chorus/instrumental music concerts, student government, and clubs that represent a wide range of offerings.  


 Piney Branch is the only school in Montgomery County with its' own indoor Olympic size swimming pool.  Students enjoy two 6 week units of swimming instruction and often use the pool for special occasions. 

Students are instructed through the Montgomery County Public Schools Curriculum 2.0. This is directly aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  We expect all students to be instructed at or above grade level and select students are provided multi-levels of intervention to meet that expectation. We also accelerate reading students beyond grade level expectations utilizing programs such as; William and Mary Reading Language arts, Junior Great Books. 


The parent community is active and supportive with strong leadership providing informed input into the yearly academic goals and new initiatives.  Numerous social activities are planned to bring families together and celebrate our similarities as well as our cultural diversity. Generous in their funding of extracurricular and enriching opportunities for students that include; cultural arts programs, field trips, guest speakers, instructional materials and support to families in need in the community, the PTA leadership is an integral part of the vision and ongoing efforts to make annual improvements to the learning experience of all students who attend Piney Branch Elementary. We are very proud of our accomplishments and the wonderful experience that Piney Branch Elementary offers students each and every day.  We hope they look back on their third, fourth and fifth grade years with fond memories and the excellent preparation they received for future endeavors.   





While embracing a culturally proficient learning and working community, we continue to examine our beliefs, practices, policies, and expectations to ensure access and opportunity for all students to thrive.

History of PBES

History of Piney Branch Elementary School