Problem Solving & Logic

Aunty Math 
Aunty Math posts weekly "challenge" word problems to this site. Each challenge is presented in the form of a story taken from the life of Aunty Math and her family. Aunty Math challenges present an opportunity for students to use their math and thinking skills to solve various problems.

Counter Round-Up 
Can you clear the board of all the counters? Practice your problem solving and think about your strategy!

Young Investor 
This site contains activities about investing, the stock market, mutual funds, earning, saving and spending money.

Use inference and logic to play a game and guess a hidden pattern of pegs.

Math.Com- Games 
This page includes six different puzzles and games from around the world that will challenge your mathematical thinking and problem skills. Games include: Fiver, TacTix, Hex-7, and Towers of Hanoi.

Math Hunt- Scholastic 
Arranged by topics and skills, students read real data from different websites to find the answers to different math problems.  To identify appropriate "hunts" to match the skills you would like to practice check the  Math Hunt Skill Chart. 

Pattern Quest - PBS Kids 
Arrange the cars to match the "secret pattern". For more of a challenge, try the harder mode. (This is a lot like playing "Master Mind".)

Towers of Hanoi 
Can you move the disks to a new peg in the fewest possible moves? The 6 disk puzzle is a real challenge!!

Lights On, Lights Off 
This one is a challenge!  You will need to use your problem solving skills to solve this puzzle... try to get all 25 lights turned on. (This one may be blocked at school, but should work fine at home)