AAAMath- Measurement 
Visit AAA math to learn about the metric system and measuring length, mass, volume and more. Each page has a lesson followed by an interactive practice and challenge games.

Area Explorer 
Set the perimeter of the figure on the top of the grid, then type in its' perimeter on the bottom. Check your answer to see if you have counted correctly. Do all figures with the same perimeter have the same area?

Elapsed Time 
Practice finding elapsed time given a starting time and an ending time. Use either an analog or a digital clock to help see the elapsed time.

Shape, Space and Measure from BBC 
Learn about measuring time, capacity and length with this interactive animation.

Fun Brain: Shape Surveyor 
Practice calculating the area and/or perimeter of a variety of shapes. You choose the difficulty level- easy, medium, hard or super brain! Earn pieces of the archeological puzzle as you solve problems correctly and see what you "discover".

Shape Explorer 
Practice finding the area and perimeter of different figures on a grid. Use the sliding bar above the grid to set how big you would like the figure to be. Count carefully!

Taking America's Measure 
This site, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards & Technology, suggests several fun metric activities for kids. Read metric sports facts, follow a recipe for metric chocolate chip cookies, convert metric and customary units of measurement, and learn about metric for your everyday life.