Fractions & Decimals

AAAMath: Decimals 
Explanatory lessons and interactive practice games all aspects of decimals, from the basic- naming decimals, to adding, subtracting, comparing, and converting decimals to fractions or percents.

BBC: Comparing Fractions, Decimals and Percents Game 
Practice comparing fractions with this matching game. Players can choose to match fractions and decimals, fractions and percents, or all three. You also choose a level of difficulty. The site records the matches you have made to help you keep track.

BBC Skillwise: Comparing Fractions and Decimals 
Click on the "fact sheets" for to view or print step by step directions and examples for comparing fractions. Try the Quiz to see how well you are doing. Click on the Game for some extra practice.

Fractions- Adding 
Change the images to help you find the common denominator and add the fractions. Click on "Activities" for specific tasks to complete at this site and on "Instructions" for more information about using the virtual manipulatives.

Fractions- Comparing 
Compare the fractions using the virtual manipulatives, check your work, then find the fraction on a number line. Click on "Activities" for specific tasks to complete at this site and on "Instructions" for more information about using the virtual manipulatives.

Fraction Bars 
Use this online manipulative to see how differnt fractions are related. Teachers, be sure to take a look at the lesson plans and directions for using this site.

Fraction Four 
Simplify fractions and/or convert fractions to decimals and percents to place a piece on the board in this challenging game of connect four. This is a game to practice with a partner.

Fraction Frenzy 
Match the equivalent Fractions before time runs out.

Fraction Sorter 
First, express each of the given fractions in a square or a cirlce. Then, arrange the fractions into the boxes below from least to greatest.

FunBrain- Fresh Baked Fractions 
Practice working with equivalent fractions. Identify the fraction that is not equal to the others. Choose level of play from easy to super brain.

FunBrain- Soccer Shootout 
Score and Save in a soccer game by correctly adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Remember to reduce your answer to lowest terms.

Mystery Picture- Fractions 
Solve the word problems to find the "fraction of a group" and uncover the hidden picture.

NCTM Fraction Track Game 
This two person game allows students to explore equivalent fractions and adding fractions in a fun game format. Scroll halfway down the page to find the game. There are excellent teacher resources on this page as well.

Have the computer help you find the percentage of a whole, or what percentage a portion of the whole is. Enter two of the variables and the program will compute the third. See the number sentences and a visual representation of each expression.

Visual Fractions: Online Fraction Tutorial 
Learn about identifying, ordering, comparing and renaming fractions at this site. Try the examples to see how well you know the skills. If you get stuck, click on "Explain" for help.