Algebra, Patterns & Functions

Crack Hacker's Safe 
Solve the three different patterns that use shapes, colors and numbers to open the safe. For an added challenge away from the computer, try to extend the number pattern by making a function table and stating the rule.

Complete the Pattern 
Complete the number patterns. The first few will help you warm up, but they get harder as you go along.

Color Patterns 
Complete the patterns with the correct colors.

Maze Game 
Practice using ordered pairs on a coordinate grid by directing a robot through a mine field. The challenge is to move the robot from the red dot in the lower corner of the grid to the green dot in the opposit corner.

Multiplication Mystery 
Locate the missing factors on the hundreds chart to uncover a mystery picture.

Number Cruncher 
What happens to the numbers inside the function machine? Is something added, subtracted or multiplied? Put a number into the machine, look at the function table and see if you can figure out what's happening! Not ready for negative numbers yet, try the Whole Number Cruncher . For more of a challenge, try the Function Machine and see if you can identify the function and express it in an algebraic expression using variables. You might want to make your own chart to record a function table to help you figure it out.

Pattern Generator 
What's the pattern? Look carefully at the objects on the board and continue the pattern by dragging new objects into the pattern. Be careful, some of them are tricky!

Pascal's Triangle 
Color numbers in Pascal's Triangle by rolling a number and then clicking on all entries that are multiples of the number rolled. This activity will help you practie identify multiples, practice multiplication tables, and investigate number patterns. What patterns do you notice on the triangle?

Sieve of Eratosthenes 
Use the grid of numbers from 1 to 200 to explore patterns and relationships involving multiples. You can display multiples of a number or remove multiples from the chart.

Player Create and listen a patterns see the pattern design and hear it being played with sounds!