5th Grade Science Links

Interactive Science Sites

Solar Energy

  • Roofus's Solar House
    This U.S. Department of Energy site, explores the use of solar energy to make homes more efficient.


  • Archkidtecture
    This excellent site includes a word list, interactive sections that teach about various building materials and opportunities to design your own buildings.
  • Building Big: Bridges, Domes, Skyscrapers, Dams, Tunnels (PBS)
    An extensive resource with information about many types of structures, hands on virtual lab activities and challenges as well as the "Wonders of the World Database" with facts and information about many famous structures in the world.
  • Architecture from Factmonster
    Fact Monster gives you basic information about many structures and buildings from early times to the present. Be sure to explore the different categories to see if there is information about the structure you are researching.
  • Franklin Institute - Structure Sites
    The Franklin Institute has gathered a large list of resources to help you learn more about structures. The links here are arranged into categories including: bridges, skyscrapers, large structures (including dams), small structures, building materials and more.
  • Great Buildings Collection
    The leading architecture reference site on the web. This gateway to architecture around the world and across history documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects, with 3D models, photographic images and architectural drawings, commentaries, bibliographies, web links, and more, for famous designers and structures of all kinds.
  • Structures Around the World
    This site from the exploratorium includes many hands on activities to help students learn about the science involved in building various structures. This is a great place to look for independent experiments, as well as teacher resources.