Special Education Department

Welcome to the Special Education Department of Paint Branch High School. Ms. Rachel Sharlin is the Resource Teacher for the Resource Program, Learning and Academic Disabilities Program (LAD), and Learning for Independence Program (LFI). Audrey King is the Program Specialist for the Bridge Program.

 2018 Special ed dept

Mission Statement

Through the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team including classes that provide specialized instruction by highly qualified teachers we empower students to strive toward academic success within the least restrictive environment.
For students with disabilities our goal is to:

  • Increase graduation rate
  • Increase life options
  • Provide opportunities to foster a community oriented spirit

Office Hours: 7:20 AM- 2:50 PM
Academic Support Hours: See individual classes on Edline (Edline link)

Special Education Staff Members

 2018 LFI Staff

Rachel Sharlin, Resource Teacher Special Education
Telephone LAD, LFI: 301-388-9958

 Karla Calloway, Secondary Program Specialist
Telephone ED Cluster: 301-388-9954



Bowman, Amanda J <Amanda_J_Bowman@mcpsmd.org> 

Calloway, Karla G <Karla_G_Calloway@mcpsmd.org>

Edwards, Nicole R <Nicole_R_Edwards@mcpsmd.org>

Hardin, Daphne E <Daphne_E_Hardin@mcpsmd.org>

Oakley, Arjunia A <Arjunia_A_Oakley@mcpsmd.org>

Sampson, Eric S <Eric_S_Sampson@mcpsmd.org>

Schultze, Julia C <Julia_C_Schultze@mcpsmd.org>


Hirst, Juliann M <Juliann_M_Hirst@mcpsmd.org>


McCoy, Karyn S <Karyn_S_McCoy@mcpsmd.org>


Ramachandran, Chitra <Chitra_Ramachandran@mcpsmd.org>

Raymond, Carole S <Carole_S_Raymond@mcpsmd.org>

Vancavage, Katherine C Katherine_C_Vancavage@mcpsmd.org


Schneider, Andrea O <Andrea_O_Schneider@mcpsmd.org>

Supporting staff


Abdul-Karim, Nisaa <Nisaa_Abdul-Karim@mcpsmd.org>


Kanagbou, Susan M <Susan_M_Kanagbou@mcpsmd.org>

Lally, Kieran G <Kieran_G_Lally@mcpsmd.org>

Rahn, Suzanne A <Suzanne_A_Rahn@mcpsmd.org>

Ross, Denise L <Denise_L_Ross@mcpsmd.org>

Sloane, Thomas M <Thomas_M_Sloane@mcpsmd.org>


Bailey-Smith, Karen M <Karen_M_Bailey-Smith@mcpsmd.org>

Clay, Janet T <Janet_T_Clay@mcpsmd.org>

Iordan, Mihai V <Mihai_V_Iordan@mcpsmd.org>

Nesmith, Michael W <Michael_W_Nesmith@mcpsmd.org>

Olivencia, Isabel <Isabel_Olivencia@mcpsmd.org>

Strumpf, April C <April_C_Strumpf@mcpsmd.org>


2018 LFI Staff

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