Social Studies

Our mission is to help create historically literate and well informed citizens of our global community who actively participate in a diverse democratic society.


Students from Social Studies classes and clubs host a voter registration drive twice a year at Paint Branch.  
Our registration numbers are the highest in the county!  
For information on registering to vote, visit:


 2018 social studies


Mr. Andrew White
Social Studies Resource Teacher
US History & AP US History
Ms. Erin Bailey
US History, AVID
Mr. Chris Bohlen
NSL Government
Ms. Erica Gardes
US History & Modern World History
Ms. Jennifer Hall
AP Government
Mr. Mike Julian
US History & Connections
Mr. Nicholas Kelly
Modern World History & Sociology
Ms. Kim Lueck
AP World History
Ms. Jamie Mahoney
AP World History
Ms. Amy Rose
Modern World History & Comparative Religions
Mr. Tucker Schrumm
AP Human Geography & Law
Mr. Sam Silsbee
AP Government & AP Psychology
Mr. Richard Smith
NSL Government
Mr. Bryan Walker
Connections, US History & African American History
Ms. Jennifer Walker
NSL Government and Connections
Ms. Janie Wright
AP Psychology & Sociology


Course Sequence

 2018 Social Studies Courses


critical thinking, technology and discourse