Administration Team

Dr. Myriam A. Rogers, PrincipalDr. Myriam A. Yarbrough

Administrator of total school program


  • Administrative Team Leader
  • Instructional Leadership Team Leader 
  • Supervises and evaluates:
     -Assistant principals  
     -Administrative Secretary 
     -Athletic Director 
     -Business Administrator 
     -Counseling Department 
     -Dean of Students 
     -Security Team 
     -Signature Coordinator 
     -Staff Development Teachers 
  • Abbreviated Schedule Approval 
  • Age of Majority Final Approval 
  • Athletics and Boosters
  • Back-To- School Night
  • Extended Attendance Issues for students 
  • Facility Improvements & Modernization
  • Faculty meetings
  • Field Trip approval 
  • It’s Academic
  • Leave approval
  • Master Calendar Supervision & Administrative Approval
  • Panther of the Month
  • Payroll/Personnel Records
  • PTSA
  • Public Relations
  • Readers Make Leaders
  • Residency Issues
  • Student Leadership Program
  • Student/Staff Recognition
  • Supervises School Publications 


Ms. Ramona Washington

Assistant Principal

Grade 10 Administrator + repeaters


  • Grade 10 Activities
  • Grade 10 Transition Support 
  • Administrative Team Member 
  • Instructional Leadership Team Member
  • Supervises and evaluates:
     -Social Studies Department 
     -World Languages/Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management/
     -Child Development 
  • Co-Lead for Testing: PSAT- 10th Grade Assessment
  • Back-up Master Scheduler 
  • Academic Awards Ceremony
  • Lunch Supervision 
  • Connect Ed 
  • Parent Handbook
  • MCPS Student Survey 
  • Substitutes and Class Coverage 
  • Grade Collection Memo
  • Other duties as assigned by the principal 


Mr. Ricardo Hernandez

Assistant Principal

Grade 11 Administrator + repeaters


  • Grade 11 Activities
  • Grade 11 Transition Support
  • Administrative Team Member
  • Instructional Leadership Team Member 
  • Supervises and evaluates:


     -Art Department

     -Business/ Tech Ed/ Music Departments


     -Science Department


  • Co-Lead for Testing: Accuplacer, ALT MSA
  • Attendance (except request for extended absences) 
  • Connect Ed 
  • Health Room Supervision 
  • Lunch Supervision 
  • Staff handbook 
  • Night School 
  • Other duties as assigned by the principal


Dr. Dolly McClain

Assistant Principal
Grade 9 Administrator


Grade 9 Activities


Administrative Team Member


Instructional Leadership Team Member


Supervises and evaluates:
Media Center
Special Education
Special Education Paraeducators
 Lead for A P Program (supervisor)
 Co-Lead for Testing: HSA, PARCC, WIDA
 Extracurricular Activities Plan
 Student Handbook
 Grade Collection
 Lunch Supervision
 Connect Ed
 Report Card Coordinator
 Other duties as assigned by the principal

Ms. Tracy Pettis-Jones

Assistant Principal

Grade 12 Administrator



  • Grade 12 Activities
  • Administrative Team Member
  • Instructional Leadership Team Member
  • Supervises and evaluates:
    • Bridge Program
    • Health /PE Department
    • Math Department
    • Emerging Scholars
  • Lead for Master Scheduler
  • Course Bulletin
  • Bulletins Boards & Hallway displays
  • Lunch Supervision
  • Retirement Dinner
  • School Crisis Plan
  • Connect Ed
  • Other duties as assigned by the principal



Ms. Dawn Ford

School Business Administrator


  • Administrative Team
  • Instructional Council Member
  • Supervises and evaluates ITSS, Building Services, Cafeteria, MST and Financial assistant
  • Supervises staff payroll preparation
  • Supervises conduct of all financial and accounting activities involving MCPS allocated funds and independent activity (IAF) accounts
  • Acts for principal in providing business support to the school as a whole
  • Activity Coordination, Building Use; ICB Liaison
  • Field Trips Coordination & Scheduling
  • Fire Drills
  • Fundraisers Coordination & Scheduling Approval
  • Keys
  • Lockers
  • Maintenance/capital improvement projects (work orders)
  • Picture Day: Students/Staff
  • Plant security/codes
  • Procurement
  • Reimbursements
  • SERT Energy Management/Recycling programs
  • Support Services PDP’s
  • Supplies, Furniture, Equipment (copy machine maintenance)
  • Transportation and Activity Buses
  • Lunch Supervision
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Other duties as assigned by the principal

Mr. Eric Gerber

Dean of Students


  • Grades 9-12 discipline referrals for:
    • insubordination
    • disrespect
    • disruption
  • security
  • Administrative Team Member
  • Instructional Leadership Team Member
  • School wide Data Analysis and Department support
  • Chaperone Duties
  • Lead for AP Testing
  • Lead for SAT/ACT/ College Readiness Action Plan
  • Co-Lead for Testing: HAS, PARCC & PSAT
  • Bridge Project Coordinator
  • School-wide Data Analysis & Department Support
  • Lunch Detention Coordinator
  • Other duties as assigned



Main Office

 17 18 sec

  • Ms. Tasha Kelly, Principal’s Secretary
  • Ms. Lisa Brooks, School Secretary
  • Ms. Latasha Kelly, School Secretary
  • Ms. Adrienne Brooks, School Secretary
  • Ms. Laura Fary, Attendance Secretary

Security Team

  security 17 18 Mr. David Newsome, Security Team Leader

  • Mr. Alvin Pridgeon
  • Ms. Marquitta Anderson
  • Ms. Kelly McDonnell
  • Mr. Stephen Washington
  • Mr. Clyde Lawrence