About Us Opened in the fall of 1969

Paint Branch High School, a Montgomery County, MD public school , is located 30 minutes from Washington, DC, in a community that has a blend of suburbia and many small town features.

Opened in the fall of 1969, Paint Branch maintains a comprehensive four-year curriculum including Advanced Placement courses (AP) at Paint Branch High School, the Honors Program (H), and Special Education Program at paint Branch High School programs. Additionally we offer an innovative whole-school Signature Program which enhances and extends the high school curriculum.
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  • Mission at Paint Branch High SchoolOffer all students an innovative and stimulating program emphasizing the sciences and media.
  • Provide students skills, knowledge, experience, and self-awareness to prepare them for post-secondary challenges they will encounter in the new century-- in their academic, career, civic, and personal lives.
  • Merge school community with the larger communities of the metropolitan area, state, nation, and world.
  • Complement signature programs offered by our sister schools, Springbrook and the new northeast area high school, in the Northeast Consortium of Montgomery County Public Schools.


Paint Branch High School Academy of ScienceWe expect the 21st century to be an era of accelerating change which will place new demands on the way individuals live, learn, and work. We have already started to experience the early effects of predicted changes, as our world evolves into an information-driven, global community in which technologies are created and refined daily. Paint Branch High School Academy of Science and Media transforms our school and the secondary experience in order to prepare all of our students for successful post-secondary experiences in the new century. In this innovative program we address the current and future demand for individuals to be highly adaptable and to have strong investigation, information, and interpersonal skills.

We have restructured our high school to meet the urgent need to merge the worlds of secondary and post-secondary schools and the workplace and therefore offer our students every opportunity to take fullest advantage of the resources in the Washington-Baltimore area.

We recognize the significant role technology will play in the personal and professional lives of our students and therefore provide instruction they need to use technology productively and judiciously. We continue to value and teach traditional curricula, while going well beyond the traditional to build on and enhance conventional wisdom.