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School Garden Wildlife



Monarchs aren't the only butterflies and moths you might see. The local Pearl Crescent Butterfly is attracted to brightly-colored flowers.


Caterpillars may eat a few of your leaves, but don't forget that they soon turn into beautiful moths and butterflies!


This praying mantis may look scary. But, like the ladybug, this insect helps keep your garden free of pests.


Monarch butterflies love school garden flowers like butterfly weed, but their favorite plants are milkweed and fennel.


Bees, like this carpenter bee, will help pollinate your garden's plants.


Named "skippers" because of their quick flying, these little fliers look like moths but are actually butterflies.


Hard to believe, but this is actually a baby ladybug! He's known as a "larva", and will eventually turn into a ladybug (similar to how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly).

ladybug crop

Ladybugs aren't only cute — they're also beneficial insects that will eat garden pests.