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School Garden Tours

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1st graders at NHE


The first step in preparing new raised beds is laying down newspaper to kill the turf. These beds will be at Rosemary Hills Primary School.


A monarch butterfly raised by Westland Middle School students and released into their native plant raised bed garden. We named it Crinklewing because of its less than perfect left wing.


1st grader at New Hampshire Estates placing a caterpillar on a host plant.


Students at New Hampshire Estates celebrate the brand new butterfly garden by releasing caterpillars.


Ceramic tile artwork of a butterfly made by NHE student for the butterfly garden.


Planting a shade garden on a rainy day at Woodlin Elementary School.


Future site of a sunny native plant garden at Forest Knolls ES.


Chevy Chase Native Plant Garden for Sun is watered from rain barrels attached to the downspouts of the portables.


Rock Creek Forest ES has a Native Plant Garden for Sun alongside its parking lot.



Rock Creek Forest ES has a butterfly garden at the edge of its parking lot.


North Chevy Case ES Native Plant Garden for sun is cared for by a monthly student gardening club.