Extracurricular Activities

Student Government Association

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Oakland Terrace PTA Extracurricular Activities   

 PTA logo(2).pngThe Oakland Terrace PTA provides a robust variety of fun and educational after school activities. For details about these amazing programs, please visit the Oakland Terrace Elementary School PTA website  

Math Olympiad

matholympiadthumb.jpgMath Olympiad is a challenging program for 4th and 5th graders that encourages problem solving skills to complete difficult math problems. The team meets to work cooperatively to solve higher order math problems and to identify diverse strategies. Five times during the year, members of the team use those strategies on a test given to teams all over the world. It is rare for a student to get all of the questions correct. The club is run by Mrs. Clemmer.

Recycling Committee

recyclingthumb.jpgThe recycling committee is made up of about 70 fourth grade students and coordinated by our 4th grade teachers. The students give up one of their recess periods every week to collect all of the mixed paper in the classrooms to be recycled. These students work very hard to help keep our school clean and environmentally aware.