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My mission is to facilitate each student's social-emotional, academic and career development through the counselors’ delivery of guidance and counseling activities as well as through a collaborative effort between the home, school and community.

Ms. Hughes  

Mrs. Kimberly Hughes, M. Ed.

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Telephone: 240-740-4880 

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 Best times: 8:30 am - 9:20 am and 3:00 - 3:50 pm

About Your Counselor

I have been the School Counselor at Oakland Terrace since 2003. Before Oakland Terrace, I worked in Prince George’s County as a middle school counselor for two years and as an elementary special educator for five years. I received my Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling at Bowie State University in 2001 and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of the District of Columbia in 1994. 


Program Delivery 

Our program is delivered through a combination of classroom guidance, group counseling, individual counseling, and home-school partnering. 

  • Classroom - Classroom lessons involve sessions on conflict resolution, stress management, decision-making, career awareness, character education, social skills, and human development.
  • Group Counseling - Group Counseling sessions on coping with stress, self-esteem, making and keeping friends, anger management, grief/loss, separation, divorce, and exploring career choices.
  • Individual Counseling - Individual Counseling sessions to assist students in the use of effective problem solving skills and to express feelings or concerns.
  • Home-school Partnership - Reinforcement of home-school partnership through newsletters and referrals to community resources

For Students - How to See Mrs. Hughes

Option #1 Go to the Counselor's Website.

1. Print out referral - Student Referral Form 

2. Use pencil to fill out the referral.

3. Come to school and slide the message under the office door (Room 3). 

Option #2 

1. Remove a referral form from the office door (Room 3). 

2. Use a pencil from the green cup to fill out the form. 

 3. Slide the form under the office door (Room 3). 


Debug 1.Ignore  2.Move Away   3.Talk friendly   4. Talk firmly    5.Get adult helpDebug 1.Ignora   2.Apártate  3.Habla amigablemente a la persona.  4.Habla firmamente a la persona.  5.Pide ayuda de un adulto.

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