Student Parking

Parking permits may be purchased within the first couple weeks of each semester. A student parking permit costs $37.50 per semester.

All students in need of a parking permit should have their parents fill out Form 215-6 and return it to the Finance Office ASAP along with the $37.50 fee. Students and parents should both sign the Parking Request Form. Parking fees can also be paid online at the following link: 2019 - 2020 Parking Permit

Students who are granted parking privileges are expected to obey all parking lot regulations, which will be strictly enforced. ALL financial obligations must be satisfied prior to application submission. Seasonal parking passes are not available at this time. Students may purchase a full year pass, however, financial obligations clearance applies for each semester. Parking passes can be purchased online at the following link.

Please be sure your permit is placed facing the front and is clearly visible on the rearview mirror so the sticker number can be seen through the windshield. Violations of parking regulations will result in the loss of the parking privilege. The parking lots will be monitored on a routine basis for safety, valid permits, and proper display of permits. A warning sticker will be placed on any vehicle not displaying a permit. A first offense will result in the loss of the parking privilege for two weeks and a second offense results in the loss of the parking privilege for the rest of the semester. On the third offense, the car will be towed at the owner’s expense. County police may visit the lot and issue tickets to cars without permits. According to county policy, there will be no refund of fees when a parking privilege has been revoked.