Science, Technology and Engineering (STE)

Telephone: 301-649-8298

Vision Statement

As a community of science and technology educators at Northwood, we aim to support an education that teaches students to inquire, research, and gather knowledge from our surrounding environment while gaining tools and skills to become successful learners and thinkers.

Mission Statement

To encourage a motivating learning environment that develops and strengthens our scientific and technological thinking in order to achieve individual, community, and global success.

Staff Members

Name Position Email
Mrs. Kristen Da Cruz Resource Teacher
Mrs. Doretta Alford Teacher
Ms. Courtney Conklin Teacher
Mr. Zeebedee Ducre Teacher
Mr. Max Firke Teacher
Mrs. Hillary Gawne Teacher
Mr. Elias Gonzalez Teacher
Mr. Mana Hiwe Teacher
Mr. Steven Karig Teacher
Mr. Aaron Kyei-Asare Teacher
Mr. David Lee Teacher
Mr. Oliver Llewellyn Teacher
Mr. Erol Miller Teacher
Mr. Lloyd Shockley Teacher
Mr. Max Wright Teacher
Ms. Jessica Wung Teacher