Physical Education and Health

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Mission and Vision

Physical Education and Health offers a developmentally appropriate program for integrating education from a variety of content areas that influence the health and well-being of all individuals. Students must complete one full year of physical education to meet their graduation requirement.

Students will be able to display the skills and practices of a physically active lifestyle, knowing the benefits of their choices to be involved in physical activity.  They will be physically fit and have a mindset that values physical activity and its benefits in sustaining healthy lifestyles.

Staff Members

Name Position Email
Mr. Artie Brown Resource Teacher
Mr. Edward Allen Teacher
Mrs. Vikki Epps Health Teacher
Ms. Melissa Gonzalez Teacher
Mr. Dennis Harris Teacher
Mr. Matthew Holonich Teacher


Physical Education 1, General

These are the recommended introduction to high school physical education courses for ninth graders. They include opportunities for a varied selection of individual, dual, team, dance, and personal development activities. Students are guided in identifying and improving their fitness levels through the development and use of personalized fitness plans.

Comprehensive Health Education - Grade 10

Students learn factual health information and develop lifetime skills in mental health; tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; personal and consumer health; nutrition and fitness; safety and injury prevention; family life and human sexuality; and disease prevention. Although this course is required for graduation, parental permission must be specifically provided for students under the age of 18 to participate in family life and human sexuality, and disease prevention and control units. Prerequisite: Grade 10 or above

Family Life and Human Development

Students develop a greater understanding of how family relationships and human sexuality have an impact on individual health and society. Topics include interpersonal relationships, economics of family life, responsibilities of marriage and parenting, pregnancy prevention; pregnancy and childbirth, and sexually transmitted infections. Due to the nature of this course, parental permission is required for students under 18. This course does not meet the Health Education graduation requirement.

Prerequisite: Comprehensive Health Education

Specialty Classes:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Dance
  • Weight Training
  • Net Games

In each specialty area students will be introduced to the history, rules, skills, and several different tactics that could be implemented in game play or activity for each specialty area.