Theatre Department

 Theatre Director: Dr. Heidi A. Temple

2019 - 2020 Course Offerings

THEATRE 1 A/B 6926/6927 FA

0.5 credit per semester

Students gain an understanding of the entire process through which human behavior is translated into a written drama, produced as a play, and presented to an audience. The study of theatre aesthetics, history, and criticism is balanced with workshop training in acting and basic Theatre production skills. This course is the prerequisite for all other high school Theatre courses. (9-12 GR)

THEATRE 2 A/B 6928/6929 CM FA (AL)

0.5 credit per semester

Knowledge and skills learned in Theatre 1 are applied to production and performance. Students study script analysis, character development, performance skills and processes, and beginning technical production skills. Studying the aesthetics and history of the Theatre, reading plays, and attending plays provide a balanced framework for application of Theatre criticism. Writing and thinking skills are reinforced through journaling. Careers in acting and technical Theatre are discussed. This course may be repeated for credit. (10-12 GR)

 Prerequisite: Theatre 1  


0.5 credit per semester

Students develop the practical and artistic considerations of producing script-based projects for theatre, film, radio, and television. Script writing, script analysis, auditioning, casting, rehearsing, and staging are explored. Students work as directors, writers, actors, and crew members, and use collaboration and problem-solving skills for production projects. (10-12 GR)

 Instructor permission or audition required 

Capstone Research Methods

Students conduct research projects on an approved proposal. All students work either independently or on a team, with the guidance of their faculty advisor or mentor and the project coordinator. Students may elect to work outside of the school facility. Requirements include the completion of a journal, project display, oral presentation, and final paper.