2017 FAME Academy Seal Academy of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Education

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Academy Head: Ms. Nadine Hecht

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The Academy of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Education is geared towards preparing students for advance studies or entry level jobs in career related fields. Students in this academy will be given the opportunity to explore different careers and education pathways, with the opportunity to earn industry/professional certification. Students will also complete Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) certified pathway courses and have the opportunity to take an internship, complete a capstone project, or have dual enrollment in a college course.


Students are provided with opportunities to develop highly sought-after technical and workplace skills as well as pursue academic classes that will help get them into college and beyond.

Business Management and Marketing pathway: Students pursuing these pathways in the FAME Academy, incorporate various global executive management strategies that allow them to be empowered to innovate, imagine, and incorporate information technology skills. Additionally, students will develop organizational tools and teamwork initiatives to complete modern day projects. Students will participate in simulated management exercises that include business operations and decision making that move the classroom toward common goals and objectives.

Education pathway: Students in this pathway, learn to work with children in a variety of educational settings. They work in education teams that use research-based methods for developing and implementing lessons for their students. They also participate in the day-to-day operations of a preschool lab and participate in mentored internships with professional educators.

College & Career Research & Development: This two-year program of study is geared towards students who are interested in opportunities to earn money for their future. Students are exposed to skills to manage their personal finance as well as obtain jobs in areas that are of interest to them.

Academy Offerings: 

  • Business Management Pathway: Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Advanced Business Management, Internship, Capstone Project, or dual enrollment 
  • Marketing Pathway: Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Marketing, Advanced Marketing or Capstone Project, or Internship, or dual enrollment 
  • Early Childhood Education: Child Development 1, Child Development 2, Child Development 3, AP Psychology, Internship 
  • College & Career Research and Development - College & Career, Career Seminar and Site Based Work Experience

In all pathways, students will be provided with opportunities to participate in job shadowing programs, mock interviews, pathway related field trips, development of advanced communication skills and course work opportunities at Montgomery College for college credit** 

**Only applicable to specific courses in the Business Admin and Marketing pathways.

Student Expectations: Students will successfully complete the required four electives within the academy pathways, (CCRD Students begin their program of study in their Junior year). Successful completion requires students to 1) complete a culminating activity for each course and maintain portfolio for the same, 2) maintain a passing grade for each pathway course, and 3) maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.0

Students are expected to attend at least 90% of all monthly meetings from enrolment to graduation, attend at least 3 school events sponsored by the academy.

Faculty Responsibilities: Faculty members will use a relevant and rigorous curriculum to engage students in the classroom. Provide students with opportunities that build their leadership, team work and decision-making capacity.

Students’ Benefits

All students will be exposed to: 

  • Professional Certifications
  • College credit for specified courses
  • Job Shadowing
  • Professional Conferences
  • Network Opportunities with Industry experts
  • Graduates acquire the problem-solving and teamwork skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond

Students At Work

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