Career Interest Survey

Go to the following website and follow the instructions below to take the career interest survey:

  1. Click on "Site ID"
    • Site ID User Name: 0100352
    • Password: northwood
  2. Click on Choices Explorer or Choices Planner

There are several features available through Bridges. Students should spend time exploring some of the many features, which include:

Choices Planner: Interest Profiler (Under the Work tab)

Students are asked to complete a series of questions that will identify their interests. The computer will then explain how their strengths can be used in specific occupations.

Choices Explorer: Careers

Here students can explore many types of careers. After clicking Choices Explorer after logging in, students can type in a job title in the upper right-hand box. Then students will find specific information including average salaries, job prospects in the future, education required, a sample interview with someone working in that field, and ideas on how to get started. Under the Work tab, students can click on "Find other ways to explore careers". The Choose a Career Zone section groups careers by common interests such as animals, computers, health and medicine, sports and recreation, etc. Students can also choose careers related to specific school subjects such as art, biology, chemistry, English, computer sciences, foreign languages, math, physics, etc. Try the Alphabetical List to look up specific careers.

Choices Planner: School Finder (Under the Learn tab)

There are many options students can use to narrow their list of schools based on factors that are important to them. Key Facts will allow students to choose preferred locations, types of programs, control of institution, campus setting, size, characteristics of the student body, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and colleges that accept AP credits. Admissions will help students choose colleges based on their entrance difficulty level, acceptance of International Baccalaureate graduates and specific admission policies. Tuition and Costs will group colleges by tuition, room and board levels and will describe specific payment plans and tuition waiver policies. Programs Offered describes major fields of study, special academic programs, degrees or awards offered and programs for learning disabled students. Sports lists particular activities and athletic associations. Campus Life includes extracurricular activities, intramural sports, options in student housing, health and safety characteristics, and extra services available on campus. Career Connect describes work-study programs and career services. If you want to know more about a particular school on your list, you can click on it. This will give you a general profile of the institution including its website where you can find more detailed information.

Choices Planner: Scholarship Finder (Under the Learn tab)

Students can click on Scholarship Finder for sources of financial aid.