NWHS 9th Grade PSAT Resource



Northwest High School 9th Grade PSAT Preparation/Results Page  


You have taken the Practice PSAT so what next steps should you take? 


  • Choosing rigorous courses such as the many honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses that are offered at Northwest is a great start! Rigorous courses have been shown to increase the likelihood of scoring well on the PSAT and later on the SAT in your sophomore, junior and senior years. Furthermore, by enrolling in AP courses you have opportunity to earn college credit.  


Find the courses we offer at Northwest here 


  • See the correct answers for this year’s NWHS Practice PSAT and the explanations behind each question.  





  • Practice PSAT questions in the areas you want to improve on.  






  • Check out a book in the Northwest Library! There are multiple books in the 370 section of the library that will help you study for the PSAT or SAT. You can also check out books that list colleges, majors and careers from the same section in the library!  


  • Take a college and career personality test at Bridges.com to explore which college and/or career might fit you. You will need the site ID and site password from the NWHS Career Center to register.  



Check out the NWHS College and Career Center! See Ms. Rochelle Davis in the College and Career Center across from Counseling on the first floor. You can also check out the numerous resources on the its website