Summer Assignments 2020

Students are encouraged to complete summer assignments for English, math, and some upper-level world language courses.  Students should complete the assignments for the courses they are taking in the upcoming school year.



Department Chair: Ms. Christie Ground (

English 9/Honors English 9

English 10/Honors English 10

Honors English 11

Honors English 12

AP English Language

AP English Literature



Department Chair: Ms. Debbie Wilson (

Algebra 1


Honors Geometry

2-year Algebra 2 AB

2-year Algebra 2 CD

Algebra 2/Honors Algebra 2

Precalculus/Honors Precalculus

Calculus with Applications

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics


World Languages:

Department Chair: Ms. Becky Ahearn (

Honors French 3

Honors French 4

Honors French 5

AP French Language

Honors French 6

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Literature