Collecting Photographs for the Yearbook

The students in our yearbook classes are working hard to publish a yearbook this year and will be periodically collecting pictures to make that possible.  This week the students are seeking pictures of quarantine pets, workouts, summer fun, home workspaces, arts and crafts, how students are supporting sports teams, school/class spirit, and at-home fashion trends.  If you would like to submit one or more photographs, please follow the directions below.  Please make sure that all photographs include only members of your household, and please note that we will not be able to use all photographs that are submitted.  Information about ordering yearbooks will be shared later this semester.

Process for Submitting Photographs for the Yearbook

To send in photos through a mobile phone
Step 1: Download “Yearbook Snap” from the App Store (orange icon)
Step 2: Type in the school name (Northwest)
Step 3: Enter school code (jags)
Step 4: Hit enter
Step 5: Click the orange arrow after the school name to select photos from your camera roll
Step 6: Choose yearbook special requests
Step 7: Pick up to 5 photos to send and then on the bottom right hit the box with the arrow pointing up
Step 8: Click on the photo to enter a note (students names in picture must be included)
Step 9: Click upload
Step 10 : Enter in your first/last name and email, and submit photos!

To send in photos that are on a computer
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter in the school name (Northwest)
Step 3: Click shop the store
Step 4: Click on Community upload Submit photos for your school yearbook-center near top
Step 5: Enter school code (jags) and click enter
Step 6: Upload your photos and make notes on each one (students names in picture must be included)
Step 7: Enter your first and last name and email
Step 8: Click that you certify
Step 9: Submit Photos!