NBMS Semester 2 Athletic season

The fall season includes two in-person student-athlete and coach engagement sessions and one virtual engagement session per week, for a total of nine engagement sessions over the course of three weeks. (If the activity is virtual (Softball), it will be 9 virtual sessions on T,W,Th). The in-person/hybrid engagement sessions are scheduled to occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the virtual engagement session is scheduled to occur on Wednesdays, fifteen minutes post duty day for staff. Students must submit a Pre-participation Physical Examination certifying that they are physically fit to participate in the NBMS athletics program (please note, for middle school students, a physical is valid for two calendar years from the date of the physical). Registration for NBMS athletics is done electronically on this Registration link:  NBMS GOOGLE FORMA physical is NEEDED for in-person sports ONLY. You do not need to submit a physical for Boys & Girls Softball, since it is fully virtual. We are excited for students to return to play! If you have any questions, please email the NB Athletic Coordinator, Ms. Emily Reuter (Emily_A_Reuter@mcpsmd.org).

REGISTRATION for FALL Sports (Softball & Cross Country) end April 13th.

*Our Winter & Spring Sports (Basketball & Soccer) Registration will be available mid-April.