CookLa Receta de Comida Tipica Espanola


Senora Berardi - Espanol II

Using CultureGrams, find a recipe of a Spanish/Latin American Dish. It can be a typical dish or one that is eaten on special occasions.

1.) List the ingredients in Spanish for your selected recipe with measurements.

2.)Using the tu affirmative (8) and negative commands (8), list the steps of preparation (8 each).

3.) Using the vocabulary from the Buen Provecho Unit, list key nouns (at least 10) and the verbs that can accompany them.

4.) Under your recipe, list 10 utensils that you will use during the preparation and the use for each.  You may use the infinitive forms of the verb.





un cuchillo

picar el perejil

Un sarten calentar el aceite

Churros recipe


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Que buen regalo para el dia de la madre!
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