8th Grade English - Shakespeare Background Project



Everyone has heard of William Shakespeare, but what was it like to live in the days of yore? Take a trip in a time machine with one or more teammates and return to the world of William Shakespeare in order to learn about the time period in which he lived and how he wrote his great works. Also consider where he got many of his ideas and how his plays were performed. To perform your research, your group will be asked to take on two important roles of the time period. Once your roles are assigned, you should use the related web sites to answer the questions about what it was like to play each role in Elizabethan society. Be prepared to share information about your role with the rest of your classmates when we return to modern times next block.

You will have one block to complete your research on both Elizabethan roles. If you have additional time, feel free to explore additional topics on the web site related to Life in Elizabethan England.

We will follow the AGOPP method of doing research: Ask Questions, Gather Information, Organize Information, Prepare and Present

Roles: (remember that in Elizabethan times men played the parts of women)



Nobleman or Noblewoman 

Common man or woman 




William Shakespeare was famous in his own time and continues to be recognized as one of the world's greatest writers 400 years later. You will be reading one of his plays, As You Like It with your newly acquired background knowledge about the time he lived including what people did for work and play. You are ready to enjoy William Shakespeare, the man and his work.